Source: (1996) InterActive Corrections (December).

The Community Reintegration Project is an initiative to reduce the risk of re-offense by individuals convicted of sexual offenses, assist with their transition into the community, and address the fears of victims. The Mennonite Central Committee (Ontario), under an agreement with Correctional Services Canada, is the sponsor for this pilot project. The principal mode of providing reintegration assistance is through support groups or Circles of Support for sex offenders re-entering the community. The Circles of Support consist of volunteers primarily from the faith community. The ex-offender must commit to the Circle and its advice and help, pursue a predetermined course of treatment, and act responsibly in the community. Mediating between police, media, and the community-at-large, the Circle provides intensive support for the ex-offender. This document provides background to the project, a description of the problem, and principles and practices for developing and providing a Circle of Support.