Source: (2009) Justice Reflections. Issue 22(158).

The Thames Valley Partnership held a conference on 18 March 2008, to celebrate the work of its retiring Chief Executive, Sue Raikes, and to review the Partnership's experience over the 15 years of its existence and the twelve years which Sue Raikes had been Chief Executive. About 35 people were present, from a wide range of backgrounds including representatives of national organisations and central government, most of whom were working with the Partnership in one capacity or another or had done so previously. The title "The Journey" was intended to convey a sense of the movement and progress which had taken place over that period and to look forward as well as to the past. This paper records and reflects on the main points which were made at the conference and in subsequent discussion. Information about the Partnership, its work, its people and the projects and programmes mentioned in the paper , together with most of its publications, is available on its website (excerpt)