Source: (2009) Journal of Youth Studies. 12(1): 139-149.

Restorative justice, as both a philosophy and a practical model, links knowledge and practices with justice, crime prevention, offender rehabilitation, conflict management, and community mediation. It is one of the most rapidly emerging concepts in the field of criminology, and over the past 20 years has called upon different groups of aspirants such as scholars, social workers, psychologists, legal professionals, and policy makers to work together. The prime objective of restorative justice is to assist offenders to express remorse, seek forgiveness from victims, and repair the harm they have caused, through a restorative justice forum. This paper firstly explores the origins, content, and focus of restorative justice. By describing the efforts made by a group of scholars, it analyses how restorative justice has become a better recognised service strategy in youth offender rehabilitation and student discipline services. Moreover, this paper will discuss the future development of restorative justice in Hong Kong. (Authors abstract).