Source: (2004) In David R. Karp and Thom Allena, eds., Restorative Justice on the College Campus: promoting student growth and responsibility, and reawakening the spirit of campus community. Springfield, Ill. : C.C. Thomas. Pp. 120-123.

Jonathan was a student with a number of infractions of the student code of conduct at his college, as well as a couple of citations by local police. Much of his misconduct was alcohol-related. Various judicial sanctions applied by the school did not change his behavior significantly. After one more incident, and with all the normal sanctions having been used to no avail, the college judicial officer gave Jonathan one more chance if he would agree to participate in a Community Accountability Conference (a restorative justice practice) to address the behavior and its underlying causes. Robert Mikus recounts Jonathan’s reluctant and often recalcitrant involvement in the conference process, the agreement that came out of it, and the eventual outcome for Jonathan.