Source: (2001) In Restorative justice for juveniles: Conferencing, mediation and circles, ed. Allison Morris and Gabrielle Maxwell, 59-83. With a foreword by DJ Carruthers. Oxford: Hart Publishing.

Australia and New Zealand have developed and applied conferencing much more extensively than other countries. In view of this fact, and in light of a growing body of research on conferencing, Daly explores the following matters. Why have Australia and New Zealand embraced and employed conferencing more than other countries? What misconceptions have arisen among restorative justice commentators about conferencing in those two countries? Additionally, Daly points to differences between Australia and New Zealand with respect to conferencing, and variations in conferencing among the Australian states. Knowing the differences in the organization and process of various conferencing schemes is crucial when analyzing and comparing research results from those programs. With this in mind, Daly comments on findings from certain research projects, and on prospects for conferencing in Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere .