Source: London, England: Restorative Justice Consortium. Downloaded 25 April 2005.

The Connect Project is a new project (2001)working with adults offenders convicted at Camberwell and Tower Bridge Magistrates Courts and the victims of their Crimes. It is intended to spend June, July and August 2001 preparing for taking referrals in the September. This lead in time will involve developing policies and key protocols, publicity preparatory seminars for key partner agencies and recruitment and training of staff. Funding for the project is guaranteed until March 2003. The primary restorative approach used by CONNECT will be the group conference. If successful, a restorative plan will be agreed by all parties, carried out by the offender and verified by the project facilitators/mediators. Where victims opt for a different restorative method e.g. face to face mediation, indirect mediation or other forms of reparative activity that method will be utilised. (excerpt)

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