Source: (2003) 5th ed. Long Grove, Illinois: Waveland Press, Inc.

This book consists of a collection of essays by various authors. The essays are oriented around correctional counseling and treatment. The aim in producing this volume is to provide information on a number of, but not all, treatment techniques being used in American corrections. The book then focuses on the most widely used techniques, especially those that can be applied to juveniles and adults in both institutional and community settings. The chapters are organized into the following sections: Section I, assessment of the effectiveness of correctional treatment; Section II, correctional personnel; Section III, crime prevention and restorative justice; Section IV, treatment programs for juvenile offenders; Section V, classification for correctional treatment; Section VI, casework counseling and crisis intervention; Section VII, cognitive and behavioral based therapies; Section VIII, group counseling in corrections; Section IX, special areas of correctional treatment; and Section X, particular needs in correctional treatment programs.