Source: (1998) A report of the Correctional Standards and Oversight Committee to the 56th Legislature and the Governor. Helena, MT: The Montana Legislature, Montana Legislative Services Division, Office of Research and Policy Analysis. Downloaded 8 June 2004.

The Correctional Standards and Oversight Committee (Committee) was authorized by the Montana Legislative Council as an interim study committee on corrections in view of the statewide importance of corrections. The Legislative Council also assigned a study on correctional facility standards to the Committee. This document results from the work of the Committee. It constitutes a reference guide for corrections in Montana and the Committee’s final report. Following an overview of the Committee’s enabling legislation and process in chapter 1, chapter 2 presents a summary of the Committee’s major findings and recommendations, as well as the response of the Department of Corrections. Chapter 3 then details the Committee’s reference guide to correctional issues. This guide covers correctional standards; population projections; juvenile issues; private prisons and programs; and specific matters facing the Department of Corrections with respect to planning, budgeting, operations, particular facilities, and particular programs. Chapter 4 identifies resources on correctional matters in Montana used by the Committee. These resources include staff reports, correctional standards materials, legislative audit division reports, Department of Corrections documents, and materials from the Board of Pardons and Parole. Drafts of recommended legislation are appended to the report.

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