Source: (2005) Newsletter of the European Forum for Restorative Justice. 6(2-3):17.

A new Working Group within the COST A 21 was established in August 2005. The main objective of the Cost A21 is to enhance and to deepen knowledge on theoretical and practical aspects of restorative justice in Europe. The intention of this Working Group 4 is to provide a better view on whether and how restorative justice can help in bringing more valuable solutions aiming to support people living in various (post)conflict areas. The Working Group will mainly look at a number of conflicts occurring in different regions through the lenses of the UN principles on restorative justice, and it will try to evaluate the relevance and the use of these principles in the different contexts. The Working Group met for the first time in Maastricht (The Netherlands) in October 2005 in order to discuss the agenda for 2005.2006. The next meeting of this group will be in Tel Aviv (Israel) in March 2006 linked to a workshop organised by the Bar Ilan University and that will take place on 5 March. (excerpt)