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The fight room

from the article by Elaine Shpungin and Dominic Barter in Tikkun: Today we continue to struggle with other epidemics, such as the widespread persistence of interpersonal violence, structural violence, and violence based in inter-racial and inter-... READ MORE

Brazil creates truth commission to probe rights abuses

from the article on BBC.co.uk: Brazil's Senate has voted to set up a truth commission to investigate rights abuses, including those committed during military rule from 1964 to 1985. The bill, already passed by the Chamber of Deputies, now goes t... READ MORE

Restorative practices in Latin America

from part one of the two part article by Joshua Wachtel" Throughout Latin America, there are growing efforts to confront the social consequences of poverty and violence. Restorative practices provides an outlook that is appealing to many who are ... READ MORE

Restorative justice.

From John Malkin's article in Good Times: Downtown Santa Cruz, a high school student takes clothes from a store without paying and is caught in the act. Instead of going to jail, she agrees to meet with a store manager to discuss the act and mu... READ MORE