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Restorative Justice Speaking Tour in Argentina and Chile.

Source: (2006) Justice Connections: a joint publication of NAFCM, PRASI and VOMA. 2(Fall):8, 9.For two weeks this past May, I visited Argentina and Chile to speak about restorative justice at the request of each country’s Ministry of Justice. As... READ MORE

Restorative Justice Speaking Tour in Argentina and Chile.

Source: (2006) VORP Information and Resource Center.n May, 2006 I had the unique opportunity to spend two weeks on speaking tours of Argentina and Chile as a restorative justice expert. Initially, I was invited by the Argentine Ministry of Justice... READ MORE

The Reparations Policy for Human Rights Violations in Chile

Source: (2006) In Pablo De Greiff, ed., The Handbook of Reparations. Oxford, New York, USA: Oxford University Press. Pp. 55-101."This chapter describes the reparations programs implemented in Chile from 1990 to 2004. These programs are addressed t... READ MORE

Retribution and Reparation in the Transition to Democracy

Source: (2006) Cambridge University Press, New YorkThe contributions in this volume offer a comprehensive analysis of transitional justice from 1945 to the present. They focus on retribution against the leaders and agents of autocratic regimes pre... READ MORE

The Moral Dilemmas about Trying Pinochet in Spain

Source: (2004) In, Lukas H. Meyer, ed., Justice in Time: Responding to Historical Injustice. Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft. Pp. 299-313.In 1998, the former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet Ugarte was in London, England, receiving medical... READ MORE