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China's apologetic justice: Lessons for the United States?

Source: (2014) Columbia Journal of Race and Law. 4(2):97-128.Many scholars have criticiZed Congressional apology resolutions for slavery as inadequate and ineffective. Ironicaljy, Congress may look to China's apoogetic justice in intentional inte... READ MORE

Restorative Justice and Practices in China.

Source: (2011) Journal of Community Justice. 8(3): 23-35.Restorative justice is developing robustly within the criminal justice system particularly in the field of juvenile justice. With the efforts devoted to policy development and intervention p... READ MORE

The dead talking

from the article by Emma Slater on The Bureau of Investigative Journalism: Some may find the concept of reporter Ding Yu’s show controversial. Every week for just over five years, the glamorous Ding interviewed death row prisoners, broadcasting... READ MORE

Sino - Australian Seminar on the Protection of Criminal Victims

Source: (2008) Restorative Justice Newsletter, Department of Corrective Services, New South Wales Government.A report of the proceedings of the Sino-Australian Seminar on the Protection of Criminal Victims, where Chinese and Australian people invo... READ MORE