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Could the peace deal in Colombia be a model for other conflicts?

from the article by Jennifer Lynn McCoy and Jelena Subotic in The Conversation: On September 23 2015, the Colombian government made a major breakthrough in its negotiations with the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) to end 50 yea... READ MORE

Which approach to justice in Colombia in the era of the ICC.

Source: (2013) International Criminal Law Review. 13:211-247.How could Colombia deal with the overwhelming cmelty of mass atrocities committed during its ongoing conflict? This article intends to thorougfily explain the strategies implemented in ... READ MORE

Restorative practices in Latin America

from part one of the two part article by Joshua Wachtel" Throughout Latin America, there are growing efforts to confront the social consequences of poverty and violence. Restorative practices provides an outlook that is appealing to many who are ... READ MORE

Colombia to compensate victims of armed conflict.

From the article by Sibylla Brodzinsky in the Guardian: Nearly four million victims of Colombia's long-running internal conflict could receive compensation and see their stolen lands returned under a new law. Government and opposition figure... READ MORE

Paramilitary demobilisation in Colombia: Between peace and justice.

Source: (2007) Working Paper 57. Madrid: Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo Exterior (FRIDE).As well as the global human rights treaties ratified by Colombia, the international context can count on the Basic principles an... READ MORE

The limits of Colombia's demobilization programs

from Hans Rouw's article in Colombia Reports: The security situation in Colombia has improved greatly over the last decade as the state has gained more control over the use of violence within its territory; both through combating illegal armed gr... READ MORE