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Restorative justice under the criminal justice system in India: With special reference to plea bargaining and compounding measures.

Source: (2011) M.PHIL. DISSERTATION, WBNUJS. Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=2566126 or http://dx.doi.org/10.2139/ssrn.2566126In India, study has found that dispute resolution outside the formal court system was effective since time im... READ MORE

Seeking restorative justice for victims of communal riots

by B. Rajeshwari: In the context of India and the occurrence of any major communal riot brings forward the plight of the victims, their struggle to attain justice and come to terms with the harsh violence they have had to face. The criminal jus... READ MORE

Arc of Justice

From the article by Sidrah Fatma Ahmed in the Morung Express: The Central Jail, Dimapur has open lawns. Prisoners stroll in pairs of two and three, chatting. A group of inmates and a constable sit under a tree and chat casually. Jails in Nagal... READ MORE

Monetary relief for rape victims soon

from Himanshi Dhawan's article in The Times of India: A week after the Union Cabinet gave its nod to a gender empowering legislation that will protect women from sexual harassment at the workplace, another landmark scheme — to provide financial... READ MORE

Restorative Justice practices in India: some glimpses.

Source: (2001) London: Restorative Justice Consortium. 12(4):311-332.Realisation of mistake, admittance of guilt and forgiveness are some of the essential requirements of restorative justice. The present Indian criminal justice system – a hangov... READ MORE

The Challenges Facing Non-State Justice Systems in Southern Africa: How do, and How Should Governments Respond?

Source: (2005) Paper presented at the confernece "Criminal Justice Consolidating Transformation. A New Decade. 7-8 February 2005.The structure of this paper starts, Firstly with an examination of the terminology used over the last 50 years when ta... READ MORE

How Should We Respond to the Cultural Injustices of Colonialism?

Source: (2007) In Jon Miller and Rahul Kumar, ed., Reparations: Interdisciplinary Inquiries, Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press, Pp. 215-251."...I attend in this chapter first to injustices that started in the somewhat distant past, mostly in the... READ MORE