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Jamaica on the long road to social restoration

from the article on Restorative Works: learning network: “My goal is to make Jamaica a restorative country,” said Carol Palmer, Permanent Secretary of the Jamaican Ministry of Justice. “I know this vision is grand and beyond one generatio... READ MORE

Promoting Restorative Processes in Jamaica

Source: (2004) Restorative Justice Online. September 2004 Edition.In a ceremony on January 21, the Governor General of Jamaica declared 2004 the National Year of Dispute Resolution. Highlighting the countryxe2x80x99s commitment to developing resto... READ MORE

Breaking the Cycle of Violence in Jamaica.

Source: (2002) Restorative Justice Online. December 2002 Edition.Rising rates of violent crime in Jamaica have led to increasing instability and societal polarization. In August 2001, the National Committee on Crime and Violence was created to stu... READ MORE