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Introduction to restorative justice in Malaysia

from the article on Voice of the Children: In considering introducing restorative justice within the legal juvenile justice framework in Malaysia, we have to weigh its benefits and effectiveness in comparison to the existing system. The existing... READ MORE

ADR in the Malaysian courts: a short synopsis

Source: (2001) Paper presented at the Reconciliation: Conversations Beyond Cultural Boundaries conference, held in Adelaide, South Australia, 29 November -December 1. Adelaide, South Australia: University of South Australia, Asia Pacific Mediation... READ MORE

Victim Support Systems in Malaysia

Source: (2003) In, Tatsuya Ota, ed., Victims and Criminal Justice: Asian Perspective. Tokoyo, Hogaku-Kenkyu-Kai, Keio University. Pp. 197-205.This chapter reviews provisions for victim support in Malaysia under four statutes: the Criminal Procedur... READ MORE