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African women mobilize to build peace

from the article by Yvette Moore on United Methodist Women: ….Women from Mozambique described ways they are working to create a culture of peace in their country after years of war. “Since the signing of the peace agreement in 1992, we can l... READ MORE

Restorative justice and the role of magamba spirits in post-civil war Gorongosa, central Mozambique.

Source: (2008) Luc Huyse and Mark Salter, eds, Traditional Justice and Reconciliation after Violent Conflict: Learning from African Experiences. Stockholm: International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance. PP.61-83.This chapter addre... READ MORE

Confronting the Proceeds of Crime in Southern Africa: An Introspection

Source: (2007) Monograph 132, Institute for Security Studies.The six authors all address money-laundering in Southern Africa, with each author concentrating on a different country. Banda describes legislation in Malawi designed to fight money-laun... READ MORE

Struggles in Peacetime. Working with ex-combatants in Mozambique: their work, their frustrations and successes.

Source: (2006) Amsterdam: Netherlands institute for Southern Africa in co-operation with the CSVR (South Africa) and ProPaz (Mozambique).Form an image when you hear any of these words: "ex-combatant”, “war veteran”, “former combatant”, ... READ MORE

Organizing Ex-Combatants for Peace in Mozambique

Source: (2007) Restorative Justice Online April 2007 Edition.As violent civil conflicts end, ex-combatants are sometimes treated as a risk to social peace and stability. Yet, as one organization in Mozambique demonstrates, ex-combatants can be key... READ MORE

Reparations in Southern Africa

Source: (2004) In Cahiers d'études africaines, 44(1-2). South Africa: Centre for Study of Violence and Reconciliation. Downloaded 3 February 2005.This one is among the first comparative studies of reparation in the light of transitional justice i... READ MORE

Catholic Peacemaking: the experience of the Community of Sant Egidio.

Source: (2001) Paper presented at the US Institute of Peace, Washington, D.C., 5 February. RJ Online. Downloaded 12 January 2005.The Community has been instrumental in the peaceful resolution of the conflict in Mozambique and was able to facilitat... READ MORE

Conflict transformation in Mozambique today

Source: (2001) Pathways to JUSTPEACE 1 (January): 4, 6-7, 9. Downloaded 3 Septmember 2004.In 1992, more than a decade of devastating civil war in Mozambique ended with a peace accord between the government and rebel forces. That constituted a majo... READ MORE

Public Interest Law: Improving Access to Justice

Source: (2001) William Mitchell Law Review, vol. 28, p. 3.William Mitchell College of Law welcomed Justice Albie Sachs of the Constitutional Court of South Africa for his third visit in April 2000, on the occasion of the re-issuance of his book, T... READ MORE