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Namibian memorial reignites call for German reparations

from the article on AFP: A national memorial Wednesday for 20 Namibian skulls seized by Imperial Germany a century ago provoked emotional calls for reparations for colonial-era abuses. German forces took the skulls from the tens of thousands lef... READ MORE

Confronting the Proceeds of Crime in Southern Africa: An Introspection

Source: (2007) Monograph 132, Institute for Security Studies.The six authors all address money-laundering in Southern Africa, with each author concentrating on a different country. Banda describes legislation in Malawi designed to fight money-laun... READ MORE

Has Everything Been Done? The Nature of Assistance to Victims of Past Political Atrocities in Southern Africa.

Source: (2005) Research report written as part of the Southern Africa Reconciliation Project, April. Johannesburg and Cape Town: Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation. Downloaded 21 October 2005.In this research report, Jewel Amoah a... READ MORE

Memorialisation and Reconciliation in Transitional Southern African Societies.

Source: (2005) Johannesburg: Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation. Downloaded 22 August 2005.The aim of this report is to assess the role of memorialisation in the process of transition from colonial rule to independence (Namibia, ... READ MORE

Reparations in Southern Africa

Source: (2004) In Cahiers d'études africaines, 44(1-2). South Africa: Centre for Study of Violence and Reconciliation. Downloaded 3 February 2005.This one is among the first comparative studies of reparation in the light of transitional justice i... READ MORE

Juvenile Justice in Namibia: Law Reform Towards Reconciliation and Restorative Justice?

Source: (2004) Windhoek, Namibia: Department of Legal Studies, School of Communication, Legal and Secretarial Studies, Polytechnic of Namibia. Downloaded 21 May 2004.Namibia is a newly independent nation, which in the wake of colonial oppression a... READ MORE

Public Interest Law: Improving Access to Justice

Source: (2001) William Mitchell Law Review, vol. 28, p. 3.William Mitchell College of Law welcomed Justice Albie Sachs of the Constitutional Court of South Africa for his third visit in April 2000, on the occasion of the re-issuance of his book, T... READ MORE