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Peace education institute proposed for Mindanao

Anak Mindanao party-list Rep. Ariel Hernandez said that peace education is necessary so that the young people will really understand the necessity of peacemaking especially in Mindanao that for decades now have suffered so much violence brought ab... READ MORE

Victims Support Schemes: The Philippine Perspective

Source: (2003) In, Tatsuya Ota, ed., Victims and Criminal Justice: Asian Perspective. Tokoyo, Hogaku-Kenkyu-Kai, Keio University. Pp. 207-226.The Philippines takes pride in its unique and indigenous way of settling disputes and treating both offen... READ MORE

Making Peace in the Indigenous Way in the Philippines

Source: (2000) Peace Office Newsletter 30 (1).In anecdotal fashion, highlighting the work of the Upland Development Institute in the Philippines, this article relates traditional Philippine processes for addressing conflicts and offenders in relat... READ MORE