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The moral case for restorative justice as a corollary of the responsibility to protect: A Rwandan case study of the insufficiency of impact of retributive justice on the rights and well-being of genocide survivors.

Source: (2012) Journal of Human Rights. 11(2): 161-188.This article analyzes how the current framework of retributive justice pursued by the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda fails to respect the human rights and to enable the well-bei... READ MORE

Rwanda: Global experts in large scale restorative justice.

Source: (2012) Ethos. 20(1):7-13.This article is about Rwanda's recovery and, more specifically about the systematic model of restorative justice that Rwanda has used to deal with genocide crimes. Rwanda stands as an example to the world of how... READ MORE

Genocide, justice, and Rwanda’s Gacaca Courts

Source: (2014) Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice. 30(3):333-352.More than one million people participated in the 1994 genocide against the Rwandan Tutsi. How did Rwanda, whose criminal justice infrastructure was decimated by the genocide, a... READ MORE

Rwanda genocide survivors back reconciliation

from the article from Aljazeera: Frederic Kazigwemo was one of thousands of men who helped perpetrate the Rwandan genocide in 1994. Twenty years later, local residents elected him as Mbyo village's spokesperson. Mbyo is a Reconciliation Vill... READ MORE