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5 steps to use restorative justice circles for bully behavior

This post is going to offer 5 clear steps to utilize in addressing bully behavior using Restorative Justice Circles.... 1) Use Circles as a process to build community before using to repair harm.... 2) Use Circles with a capital C.... To address... READ MORE

Editorial: Discipline is delicate balance for Fresno Unified

There are no easy answers or magical presciptions for finding the right balance on student discipline. It requires extensive thought, thorough research and sincere collaboration by school leaders, teachers and the students themselves. But finding... READ MORE

Restorative justice gains momentum on college campuses

As the practice of restorative justice gains momentum within higher education, 35 representatives of colleges and universities from across the country gathered at Skidmore College to take a closer look at this growing movement. The group attended... READ MORE

Is There a Right Kind of School Discipline?

Over the past decade, particularly the last few years, the trend in school discipline has been toward restorative justice—which emphasizes authentic dialogue, mutual understanding, and communal responsibility—and aw... READ MORE

Justice reinvestment

The cost of jailing is about $27,000 per inmate per year. The cost of drug, behavioral and mental health treatment averages about $4,500 per year. About 20 percent of all Americans and almost two-thirds of inmates have some kind of mental health p... READ MORE

Seeking alternatives to violence in Back of the Yards

from the article by Daisy Contreras in the Chicago Reporter: Even though he grew up under a dictatorship in Chile, Brother Juan Acuña  says he had not been exposed to the levels of violence he sees regularly in the Back of the Yards n... READ MORE

Dr. John Bailie’s Inaugural Address as President of IIRP

The power of restorative practices lies in the fact that the essential truths that it promotes call out to what is best in each of us. No matter who we are or where we were born, we all need strong relationships, families and communities, as well ... READ MORE