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Reconciliation via truth? A study of South Africa's TRC.

Source: (2012) Journal of Human Rights. 11(2): 189-209.Within the transitional justice literature, there is much speculation about the relationship between truth and reconciliation, yet little concrete empirical evidence. This is perhaps unsurpris... READ MORE

Does restorative justice work? An evaluation of the restorative justice programmes of Phoenix Zululand

Source: (2014) in, S. Maphosa, L. DeLuca, and A. Keasley, eds., Building peace from within. Pretoria: Africa Institute of South Africa. PP. 74-84.This chapter provides a case study of a bottom-up restorative justice intervention aimed at encouragi... READ MORE

Oscar Pistorius' sentence: A missed opportunity?

from the post by Mike Batley on Restorative Justice Centre in South Africa: The sentence that Judge Masipa has decided on reflects the careful balancing act required of a diligent sentencing officer. She has taken the calls by the State for direc... READ MORE

Victim-offender service closed

from the announcement from the Restorative Justice Centre: The Restorative Just Centre (RJC) is appalled and deeply distressed to announce that it has been forced to close its victim offender conference service in Tshwane, as a result of govern... READ MORE