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A strategic conflict assessment of Zambia

Source: (2009) Monograph 158, Institute for Security Studies.Th e purpose of this study on Zambia is to present an overview of current trends, risks and opportunities for conflict mitigation. The study highlights potential areas of concern, and wi... READ MORE

Confronting the Proceeds of Crime in Southern Africa: An Introspection

Source: (2007) Monograph 132, Institute for Security Studies.The six authors all address money-laundering in Southern Africa, with each author concentrating on a different country. Banda describes legislation in Malawi designed to fight money-laun... READ MORE

Money Laundering Experiences

Source: (2006) Monograph 124, Institute for Security Studies.This monograph not only examines recurrent trends in dealings with the proceeds of crime in East and Southern Africa. It goes further to probe the strengths and weaknesses of the criti... READ MORE

ZAMBIA: Justice delayed becoming justice denied

Harry Mubita was tired of his wretched condition in prison. He had been in Lusaka Central Prison for more than a year, and still there was no sign that his theft case would be heard. Mubita, a tailor, accepted money from a woman who wanted him to... READ MORE

Balancing Zambian traditional and legal systems.

Source: (2000) Peace Office Newsletter: Worldwide Peacebuilders 30 (January).This article consists of an interview with Jeston Katongo of the Mindola Ecumenical Foundation in Kitwe, Zambia. The Foundation is developing a program for peacebuilding ... READ MORE

"Balancing Zambian and Traditional Legal Systems."

Source: (2000) Peace Office Newsletter 30 (1).In anecdotal fashion, highlighting the work of the Mindola Ecumenical Foundation in Zambia, this article relates traditional Zambian processes for addressing conflicts and offenders in relation to a mo... READ MORE