Source: (2007) In John Hamel and Tonia L. Nicholls, Ed., Family Interventions in Domestic Violence. New York, USA: Springer Publishing Company. Pp. 125-144.

"In this chapter, we wish to focus on three issues that we see as key to understanding couple violence. They are all issues where we see the data as contradicting the claims of many feminist writers. The first issue is the focus on violence against women as the only violence of importance and the tendency to ignore or downplay violence perpetrated by women. The second issue involves the tendency to focus on a single explanation for violence, namely, patriarchy. We call this issue the levels-of-analysis issue and believe strongly that we cannot come to a full understanding of couple violence unless we take into account various levels of analysis (individual, couple, family, and society). The third issue involves the assumption of a universal potential for violence in men." (excerpt)