Source: (2008) In Ivo Aertsen, Jana Arsovska, Holger-C. Rohne, Marta Valinas, and Kris Vanspauwen ed., Restoring Justice after Large-scale Violent Conflicts. Devon, UK: Willan Publishing. Pp. 229-251.

"...This chapter therefore discusses not only aspects of international humanitarian law which are highly relevant for both sides, but also begins to describe the legal instruments of the Israeli legal system in order to deal with violence stemming from the second intifada, such as the Mahane Yehuda incident. It discusses the various relevant elements of crime and questions of liability. Due to the particular conduct of violence, the direct perpetrator who carried out the bombings is usually dead and can therefore no longer be subject of a legal response. Other forms of criminal liability are therefore the focus of such responses, namely the indirect perpetrator, the co-perpetrator, the instigator and the abettor." (abstract)