Source: (2000) Paper written for distribution at the Restorative Justice and Family Violence conference, sponsored by the Reshaping Australian Institutions Project and held at the Australian National University in Canberra, Australia, 11-13 July.

In July 2000 the Reshaping Australian Institutions Project sponsored a conference to address issues related to restorative justice and family violence. Albert Eglash was not able to attend the conference, but at the solicitation of one of the conference participants (David Lynch), Dr. Eglash wrote and presented for distribution a historical paper on creative restitution and mutual help programs. In it, Dr. Eglash – pioneer of the idea of creative restitution – describes his history of applying 12-step principles to juvenile and adult criminality, his interactions with restorative justice ideas and advocates, and his reflections on mutual help groups (such as AA and similar groups) in relation to restorative justice. Additionally, he outlines his thoughts on several types of restitution.