From Laura Maggi's article in It took six months for NOPD detectives to arrest suspects Paul and Cheryl Willis, Patrina Saporito's longtime tenants who owed a year of back rent. But Paul Willis, who was charged with two counts of first-degree murder, died in October 2004 of a ruptured peptic ulcer at Orleans Parish Prison.

Arson and obstruction of justice charges were dropped against Cheryl Willis after she agreed to participate in a "restorative justice" process overseen by a mediator, Preston said. In the guidebook, Preston wrote about her experience of communicating with Cheryl Willis, although she didn't use her name, saying the process was cathartic.

"I found this to be tougher and more emotional work than I imagined, " she wrote. "However, despite my resistance to it, there was information I'm convinced I would never have received otherwise."

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