Source: (2004) Hampshire, England and Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing.

This collection of essays has its origins in a conference called "Restorative Justice: Criminal Justice for Victims?" The conference was held in Amsterdam on 1 December 2000. Representing various fields - including law, psychiatry, philosophy, and the social sciences - the speakers at the conference were prominent scholars from Canada, the United Kingdom, and The Netherlands. This book contains updated editions of key papers from the conference, along with additional essays written specifically for inclusion in this volume. The central topics of the conference and the book are restorative justice, its relationships to current criminal justice systems, and its possible benefits for victims and offenders. More specifically, essays deal with a number of issues concerning victims of crime, issues such as victims' rights and needs, satisfaction for victims, compensation for victims, open justice, and punishment and retribution in relation to reparation. The contributors span a range from strong proponents of restorative justice to those who find the introduction of restorative justice into criminal justice processes problematical in significant ways.