"It is good for the victim who can have any damage repaired or paid for and by accepting an apology from the offender face to face, they can put it all to bed...."

"It would be much easier just to get these people to sign a caution. This approach involves a stack of work, but it is worth it.

"It gives the offender the chance to see the consequences of their actions and what impact their offence has had."

Overall, 94 per cent or people who responded to the survey said culprits doing unpaid work in the community or other activities that would benefit the local area would suffice.

Meanwhile, 73 per cent of people who took part said a written or verbal apology from the culprit would suffice. But almost 24 per cent said this was inadequate.

Notably, almost 70 per cent of those who took part in the survey said culprits of antisocial behaviour should be made to attend a neighbourhood justice panel.

Ninety per cent said criminals should pay for any damage caused to be repaired or to return stolen property.

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