Source: (2004) Canberra, Australia: Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Parliamentary Counsel's Office. Downloaded 24 November 2004.

This document consists of the text of a legislative Act to provide a process of restorative justice for victims, offenders, and the community, as well as for other purposes. Called the Crimes (Restorative Justice) Act 2004, it was enacted by the Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory. The sections of the Act are as follows: preliminary information about the Act and this document itself; underlying principles of restorative justice; key concepts of restorative justice; application of the Act (i.e., types of applicable offenses); eligibility for restorative justice; referral for restorative justice; suitability for restorative justice; restorative justice conferences and agreements; administration of the Act; miscellaneous information; and a dictionary of key terms used in the Act.

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