Source: (2004) Canberra, Australia: ACT Parliamentary Counsel's Office. Downloaded 1 September 2004.

The objects of this Act are as follows: (a) to enhance the rights of victims of offences by providing restorative justice as a way of empowering victims to make decisions about how to repair the harm done by offences; (b) to set up a system of restorative justice that brings together victims, offenders and their personal supporters in a carefully managed, safe environment; (c) to ensure that the interests of victims of offences are given high priority in the administration of restorative justice under this Act; (d) to enable access to restorative justice at every stage of the criminal justice process without substituting for the criminal justice system or changing the normal process of criminal justice; (e) to enable agencies that have a role in the criminal justice system to refer offences for restorative justice. (excerpt)

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