Source: (2005) In Michael Schluter and John Ashcroft, ed., Jubilee Manifesto: a framework, agenda & strategy for christian social reform, Leicester, England: Inter-Varsity Press. Pg. 234-254.

"We will begin with a general account of justice and punishment in the Bible before going on to isolate some of its principle themes. We will then consider its relevance in a contemporary setting and conclude by noting some of the reform possibilities to which it points. In doing so it should be made clear at the outset that biblical law has far more to say on the subject of criminal justice than can adequately be surveyed in one short chapter. There is more relevant material on this issue than perhaps any other subject in this book. Given this embarrassment of riches we will not attempt a comprehensive picture but rather supply the main contours of biblical thought. Readers seeking a discussion on single issues (such as capital or corporal punishment) must look elsewhere." (excerpt)