Source: (2008) In Ivo Aertsen, Jana Arsovska, Holger-C. Rohne, Marta Valinas, and Kris Vanspauwen ed., Restoring Justice after Large-scale Violent Conflicts. Devon, UK: Willan Publishing. Pp. 130-156.

"This article presents and analyses some elements and aspects of the use of informal legal mechanisms for conflict resoltuion with emphasis on the massacre in Racak. It relies on the traditional rules of international law, Albanian customary law, local customs, religious, cultural and moral rules, and other traditional customs observed in the territory of Kosovo, which can provide many answers for the crimes committed throughout Kosovo, including those in Racak. In our study of the Racak case, we look for informal judicial mechanisms that can be applied in order to uncover the truth about the crimes committed in Kosovo as well as for the restoration of justice as a precondition for coexistence and reconciliation of the warring parties." (abstract)