Source: (2003) Auckland: Centre for Justice and Peace Development, Massey University.

In 2002 the Centre for Justice and Peace Development (Massey University, Auckland) invited Howard Zehr to New Zealand to lead several one-day gatherings to discuss critical issues for restorative justice. Participants in each of the one-day discussions included a mix of practitioners, policy makers, and academics. (See the last pages of the document for a list of participants.) The aims of the discussions were to elicit productive debate about restorative justice in New Zealand and to distribute the findings from the discussions to the larger restorative justice movement. This monograph serves the second aim – dissemination of the results of the discussions. It presents detailed reports on each of the five one-day gatherings, as well as introductions and reflections by Howard Zehr on the critical issues and the discussions themselves. Critical restorative justice issues considered at the gatherings included the following: accountability, ownership, and leadership; practitioner-related issues; indigenous traditions and the spirituality of restorative justice; restorative justice in schools; victim-related issues; offender-related issues; human rights abuses and restorative justice; and defining restorative justice.