Source: The Church Council on Justice and Corrections. Downloaded 14 January 2005.

In a recent letter, our former president Hans Mohr probes the depths of the human condition as it gets framed in restorative justice values.... ".... talks of a Restorative Justice that increasingly appear to me like a wish for a resurrection without the crucifixion - turn it into a crucifiction as I just had misspelled it. Don't misunderstand me. It is the best talk in town and obviously beats Retribution - which, as I keep belabouring had the same meaning: Re-tribute, to pay back before even 'paying back' became a nasty notion. Neither "Restorative" nor "Retributive" as used now have any adjectival relation to the noun "Justice' humane or inhumane as they may be. They address human practices, and in that sense I certainly prefer the former.... But there is something missing. (excerpt)

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