Source: (2001) In Thinking peace, making peace, eds. Barry Hindess and Margaret Jolly, 77-91. Occasional Paper Series 1/2001. Collection of papers presented at the Academy of the Social Sciences annual symposium, 5 November 2000. Canberra: Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia.

United Nations organizations and agencies spend billions of dollars every year to foster a peaceful global society. Against this background, Malama Meleisea describes UNESCO’s Culture of Peace Programme and its efforts to focus world attention on peace, including promotion of the UN’s International Year for a Culture of Peace and International Decade for Peace. Meleisea defines a culture of peace and identifies goals for a culture of peace. The vital role of parliaments and parliamentarians in building such a culture is noted, as well as the importance of the media. Meleisea then discusses key Asia-Pacific regional issues regarding a culture of peace.

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