Source: (2002) Paper presented at Offender Rehabiliation in the 21st Century conference hosted by the China Prison Society and the Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention. 2-5 December 2002. Hong Kong. Downloaded 10 December 2003.

Chan Wai-to begins with the observation that the criminal justice process has generally focused on the details of an actual offense and the judicial disposition of the offender. As a result, victims of crime often do not receive proper attention in the criminal justice process. More specifically, the current provision of victim programs in Hong Kong is hampered by the absence of a sound philosophical basis for attention to the victim. In view of this situation, Wai-to contends that the enforcement of a Victim’s Charter and the use of offender/victim mediation and reparation would promote restorative justice in Hong Kong. To make this case, Wai-to examines existing victim programs in Hong Kong, critiques of such programs, and potential ways to advance victim rights and assistance in a restorative scheme.

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