Source: (2006) Paper from "The Next Step: Developing Restorative Communities, Part 2," the IIRP’s 8th International Conference on Conferencing, Circles and other Restorative Practices, October 18-20, 2006, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, USA.

The most exciting development for me, recently, is the idea of having explicit practice that is easily understood by young people and their families when looking at making changes. The Children Act 2004 is the legal framework for the Government’s national programme for change. ‘Every Child matters’ is a new approach to ensure the well being of children from birth to 19 years. The overall aim is that every child will have the support to enable it to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well being. This means that the organisations involved in providing the services to children, from schools and hospitals, to police and voluntary groups, will be teaming up in new ways sharing information and working together to protect children and young people from harm and to help them to achieve what they want from life. Children and young people will have much more say about this approach. (excerpt)

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