....Moore said since the start of the school year, his officers have dealt with 70 students who all violated drinking laws. 50 of those have agreed to try this new process.

“We’re hoping to give them an opportunity to right the wrong that they did. But at the same time maybe get an understanding of the impact that they’ve had on the community that they’re in.”

Tom Traves, president of Dalhousie University, said the administrator of the program will work with the student and any victim to try to work out an appropriate way to resolve the issue.

He said the program will be used for smaller crimes, such as intoxicated students who disturb neighbours.

“These are important issues, they have to be addressed,” he said. “On the other hand, I’m not sure that a fine to somebody who can easily afford the fine is a significant punishment. I’m not sure that going through the jail system is necessarily an appropriate reaction in those kinds of cases.”

Potential resolutions could include counselling, repairing damage or simply an apology. If a student accepts responsiblity and completes the program, they will have no criminal record of conviction.

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