Source: (2004) In Peter C. Kratcoski, ed., Correctional Counseling and Treatment, 5th ed. Long Grove, Illinois: Waveland Press, Inc. Pp. 185-196.

Day treatment consists of a community-based nonresidential program which blends education and treatment services for at-risk youth and delinquent youth. A number of states in the United States offer day treatment through a collaboration of the social service department, local school districts, and human services agencies. The goals of day treatment programs are to provide continuing education for at-risk students and to assist them in coping with non-cognitive barriers to learning. Ultimately, the aim is to enable them to return to public schools or to complete an equivalent degree. With particular focus on Kentucky and Alabama, the authors examine the following: the development of day treatment programs; the profile of youth in day treatment; collaborative management of such programs; funding; treatment components; education; and ways to enhance day treatment programming.