Source: (2001) In Victim policies and criminal justice on the road to restorative justice: Essays in honour of Tony Peters, ed. E. Fattah and S. Parmentier, 123-142. With an introduction by E. Fattah and S. Parmentier. Leuven, Belgium: Leuven University Press.

Robert Cario explores the following subject in his essay in this book: the recognition of the rights of victims in restorative justice. Over the last twenty years victimology and victim support have grown remarkably, and there is increasing acknowledgment of the central place of the victim in formal and informal responses to crime. Against this background, and with particular emphasis on France, Cario examines efforts to establish the rights of victims, including participation in various aspects of the criminal justice process and reparation. This leads to specific consideration of restorative justice and victims’ rights: basic ideas in the definition of restorative justice; mediation; and restorative sanctions.