Source: (2011) Institute for Restorative Justice and Restorative Dialogue at The University of Texas at Austin.

In a very real sense, DIVO is as much a philosophy as a “program.” Through the historic work of countless crime victim survivors and their advocates we now have police-based crime victim liaisons, prosecutor-based victim assistance coordinators, and corrections-based service providers. It’s time now that the defense community, whose members serve a core function within the criminal justice system, recognize and act upon their obligation to the victim survivors whose experiences of harm initiate and drive the process. The responsibility for treating victim survivors with dignity and respect falls to every member of the criminal justice system. This manual will assist you in developing principled Defense-Initiated Victim Outreach in your state or region. In it you will find material that will assist you in promoting DIVO among defense attorneys and other key stakeholders including judges, prosecutors and victim service providers. Agendas and material for training defense attorneys are included. Finally, this manual will present programmatic ideas for maintaining and coordinating a DIVO program, overcoming obstacles, maintaining accountability, and assuring continuity of service. (excerpt)

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