Source: (2002) In What is community justice? Case studies of restorative justice and community supervision, ed. David R. Karp and Todd R. Clear, pp. 137-157. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

In its truest sense, community justice is not merely a new program or new set of programs; it is a new philosophy of the provision of justice services. The chapter on Deschutes County, Oregon, is a case study in this holistic approach to community justice innovation. Dissatisfied with the results of their work, staff of the probation department in Deschutes County sought a complete change, beginning with a holistic understanding of community justice, and issuing in comprehensive change in the purpose and practice of their department. Thus, Deschutes County Community Justice embodies many of the key ideas and principles of the community justice model. Teri Martin traces all of this in her case study: relevant legislative and administrative policies in Oregon; characteristics of Deschutes County; and the development and application of community justice in that county.