Source: (2003) Justice Reflections: Worldwide Papers Linking Christian Ideas with Matters of Justice. Issue 4 (JR 21-28).

Marian Liebmann has worked in the criminal justice field with victims and offenders for more than twenty years. Her experience includes involvement with restorative justice and mediation training in general, and with Mediation UK in particular. In this pamphlet she looks at the development of victim-offender mediation in Uganda. The project originated with Save the Children (UK) in Uganda. From working with children, members of this organization felt that awareness of victims and restorative justice was inadequate in Uganda. This led to an effort in August 2002 to train community leaders and Local Council (Village) courts in victim-offender mediation skills. Liebmann describes the legislative background in Uganda to the project, the structure of the training, and her participation as a trainer.