Source: (1999) Maryland Justice Policy Institute, Inc

The author argues not just for restorative justice, but for transformative justice processes as well. Restorative justice has huge strengths, but some limitations. Transformative justice has less. God's justice, as revealed in the sacred scriptures and as defined by the Church in its teachings on the Common Good and other matters, cannot always be achieved fully if one deals only with the immediate matter of a specific offense. Transformative justice looks more closely at the background circumstances of the lives of those involved and seeks to redress some of the injustices existing there. It also recognizes the existence of governmental and corporate crime. Both restorative and transformative justice can provide imaginative and creative processes. Neither is a panacea for all crime. Both will provide fairer justice for all, bring some healing to victims, reduce re-offending, make communities safer and reduce the numbers going to prison.