Source: (1999) Resolution 1999/26. 28 July. United Nations Economic and Social Council. Downloaded 9 December 2005.

1. Recognizes that, while a significant number of minor offences jeopardize citizens=92 security and comfort, traditional criminal justice mechanisms do not always provide an appropriate and timely response to those phenomena, whether from the perspective of the victim or in terms of adequate and appropriate penalties; 2. Stresses that an important means of settlement of minor disputes and offences can be represented, in appropriate cases, by mediation and restorative justice measures, especially measures that, under the supervision of a judicial or other competent authority, facilitate the meeting of the offender with the victim, compensation for damages suffered or the provision of community services; 3. Emphasizes that mediation and restorative justice measures, where appropriate, can lead to satisfaction for victims as well as to the prevention of future illicit behaviour and can represent a viable alternative to short terms of imprisonment and to fines; (excerpt)

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