Source: (2005) In,Chan, Janet B.L. editor, Reshaping Juvenile Justice. The NSW Young Offenders Act 1997 The institute of Criminology Series No 22, Sydney pp. 17-24

Following the evaluation of the CYC [Community Youth Conferences] pilot scheme, a cross government committee, the Minor Offenders Punishment Scheme (MOPS) Working Party, was established in 1996. Its brief was to consider the recommendations of the evaluation report, write a discussion paper for extensive community consultation and prepare draft legislation to introduce the final agreed form of an alternative to court processing to operate State wide. A Discussion Paper was subsequently distributed, followed by a period of consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, from government agencies to youth advocacy groups, victims groups, Aboriginal and ethnic organizations, and youth workers. The Bill that became the Young Offenders Act 1997 contained the framework for both changing police practices with young offenders and introducing a form of conferencing that draws on the New Zealand model. (excerpt)