Source: (-0001) Devon, UK: Willian Publishing.

"The Dictionary of Prisons and Punishment is the first book of its kind in two important respects. Not only does it represent the first definitive cataloguing of key terms, concepts, theoretical approaches, institutions and policies associated with prisons and punishment, but it is also a unique collaboration between scholars and practitioners working in the fields of prisons and penology. Specifically, the Dictionary brings together contributions from academics; personnel within the Prison Service, Home Office, Ministry of Justice and National Offender Management Service; prison psychologists; health professionals; chaplains, members of prison charities and reform groups; and prison officers, managers and governors. The book's editors also combine academic and professional experience and, given this joint enterprise, it is perhaps unsurprising that the Dictionary has been compiled with two main readerships in mind...people who work in prisons or who work with offenders in other capacities and environments and also an essential compendium for undergraduate and postgraduate students seeking to pursue intellectual inquiry in this fascinating and fast-moving area." (excerpt)