Source: (2005) Paper prepared for the 19th International Conference of the International Society for the Reform of Criminal Law held at Edinburgh, Scotland from June 26 - June 30, 2005.

This article discusses the use of community-based treatment of offenders in Thailand. The author feels community-based treatment is appropriate for Thailand when considering the recent changes in the criminal justice system, the overcrowding of prisons, the significant time a case takes to make its way through the system, and the fact a majority of criminal defendants have drug-related offenses. The Thai government has created a law making those arrested for drug-abuse offenses go through compulsory drug rehabilitation programs. The article then discusses the possibility of community mediation and conciliation programs, possibly the suspension of prosecution (in certain cases), community-based treatment for juvenile offenders, and restorative justice (RJ). RJ is being applied to instances of juvenile offenders, domestic abuse, and other pilot programs. RJ is seriously being considered since it coincides with many traditions in the Thai culture.

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