Source: (2010) Research in Practice no. 13. Canberra: Australian Institute of Criminology.

It was proposed in the Second National Indigenous Justice Forum November 2006 background paper, Diversion: A Model for Reducing Indigenous Criminal Justice Over-representation (Victorian Department of Justice & Jones cited in Australian Human Rights Commission 2008) that there are five points for diverting Indigenous people from the criminal justice system, namely: * prior to first contact with the police (eg through primary prevention programs that reduce risk factors and increase protection, such as cultural strengthening activities); * during contact with law enforcement (eg police cautioning instead of arrest; referral to appropriate community services); * during court processing (eg bail support programs with relevant service linkages, such as Koori Court/Circle Sentencing processes); * after sentencing (eg community-based sentences with special conditions as an alternative to prison, offender rehabilitation programs in prisons and the community); and * pre- and post-release (eg integrated pre-release transition and post-release support programs, including linkages to housing, health, employment and other essential services). (excerpt)

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